Lightning Bolt – Pearl Jam new Record to be release October 15th 2013


Pearl Jam will release their much-anticipated tenth studio album, Lightning Bolt, on Monkeywrench Records on October 15*, 2013 in the US. Internationally, the album will be released on October 14, 2013. Produced by Brendan O’Brien, Lightning Bolt marks Pearl Jam’s first studio album since Backspacer, which was released nearly four years ago in September of 2009.

Lightning Bolt is available for pre-order now at The first track off the album, “Mind Your Manners” will be released today worldwide on radio and as a digital single.

Ten Club Members pre-ordering Lightning Bolt at will receive an exclusive piece of digital content delivered to your Ten Club account on street date (10/15).

Check out this cool video of Pearl Jam in the studio.

The first song, Mind Your Manners is also out, check the video below. I quite like it.. an energetic track the hits you right in the face 🙂

Please also have a look at the first review of the song from our friends over at TSIS.

Manchster 2012 – Chris Cornell & Pearl Jam

Chris Cornell – 06/16/12


Arriving in Manchester at the day of the show, we weren’t surprised that the weather wasn’t as good as back home in Switzerland. The Capitol of Rain showed us, how the English Summer looks like. Chris Cornell on the other hand felt like being back home im Seattle and joked about the little hole in the clouds where one could see a little bit of blue sky every once in a while. Right from the beginning it was clear, that Mr. Cornell was in a good mood. Never thought he’d be such a funny guy. He was talking quite a lot between the songs and it was a pleasure to listen zu him. Best part of the show was, when Chris (after careful consideration) invited a fan to the stage who requested to play guitar with him. Turns out he’s a guitar player from a band from Nottingham, UK called The Blind Thieves.

As you can see below, the setlist was amazing.. Music from the last 20+ years of Chris including stuff from Audioslave, Temple of Dog (Wooden Jesus was phenomenal!), Soundgarden, Led Zepplin, … The Lowry presented itself as an ideal location for such a concert. Very good acoustics and a really good view. The only thing I couldn’t figure out were some of the attendance in our block: How the hell can you get up to either pee or to get more beer every 15 – 20 minutes? I know it’s a vicious circle.. 🙂 but I wouldn’t miss a second of the 2+ hour show.




Pearl Jam – 06/20/12


Finally, the big day arrived… after five long years of live abstinence… I was told that I was a little nervous…pacing around in the hotel and checking the tickets every 5 minutes.. sorry for that :). The seats at the end of arena weren’t as bad as I expected them to be. It was a relatively new experience for me to have a seat on a concert and not being able to move around as much as usual. The advantage was, that you can see everything at every moment. I seldom felt so homey with 21’000 other people around me.

As soon as the light went out and the show begun, I was covered in goosebumps. Releaseas an opener was fantastic. It really set a perfect mood where everybody could freeze in awe for a second. Other highlights for me were: Immortality, Even Flow, Black, State of Love and Trust, …

The band seemed to be in a playful mood and Eddie’s voice sounded great. Mike (as always) was full of energy and looked at times like a caged animal, walking in circles :). A special moment was when they played Black. I had to go to four shows to first see this song live, a song the play more often than not during their carrier. It’s amazing how much the songs gain played live. Overall an amazing experience I wan’t forget so fast.



“X” playing in Machester, June 20, 2012
Pearl Jam in Manchester, June 20, 2012




Pearl Jam – 06/21/12


The second show and after a great one the day before and I had high expectations. Other than the first gig, this one started with a punch. Go, Animal and Hail Hail almost blew off the roof of the MEN Arena. As soon as they started you knew that this night’s gonna be different.

Only 4 songs were played on both nights (Even Flow, Just Breath, Alive & Better Man – that makes 2 shows, 48 different songs). This alone shows the extremely high standard and is something special. They also found a song they didn’t play live before (ever) and I was stoked to hear Hitchhiker live. Don’t know how well they practiced this song, but they seem to have fun with it as well :). Present Tense and Off He Goes, two rather ‘soft’ songs closed their corresponding blocks and fitted perfectly in the set.

These two utterly different shows together formed an unbelievable experience, a complete picture of Pearl Jam 2012.


Pearl Jam in Manchester, June 21, 2012
Pearl Jam in Manchester, June 21, 2012



Big thanks to sboraston who taped 22 songs of the second Manchester show. Enjoy 🙂




Grunge Vacation 2012

After getting tickets to both Pearl Jam Shows in Manchester this June, I was even more exited to see, that Mr. Chris Cornell announced his European leg of his Songbook-Tour and that he also visits Manchester during this week.

Now that’s what I call a Grunge Vacation:

Hey, I got an idea! What about some surprise special guest appearances 🙂 Keep your fingers crossed.

Pearl Jam’s Eurotour 2012 Update

What a week… let’s try figure out, what happened….

03 Dec 2011

A post on the PJ-Forum started the first rumors about an upcoming European Tour 2012.

08 Dec 2011

Pearl Jam announces the much anticipated Euro-Tour and confirmed the following dates / cities:

  • June 20, Manchester
  • June 23, Isle of Wight
  • June 26, Amsterdam
  • June 29, Werchter
  • June 30, Arras
  • July 4, Berlin
  • July 7, Stockholm
  • July 9, Oslo
  • July 10, Copenhagen

As usual, their will be a pre-sale for 10C members, this time provided by 10C pre-sale starts 13 Dec 2011, 5.00 pm GMT. We decided to try an get tickets to the show in Manchester.

13 Dec 2011, 5.00 pm GMT opened the 10C-pre-sales and were overrun (or so it seemed at the time) by the fans. For about 2.5 hours it went like this:

  1. Login at & select the Manchester Show
  2. Wait in some kind of a queue
  3. Select tickets & put it in your cart
  4. Checkout
  5. “You cart is empty, please place some items in it an try again”
  6. Return to Point 3 while screaming at you computer…

After 2.5 hours, they stopped the pre-sales due to technical issues beyond their control. They will try to put the site back online asap.

14 Dec 2011 announces on their homepage that they terminate the 10C presale since neither PJ nor CrowdSurge can conduct a successful presale within the time limits before the public on sales begin (16 Dec 2011). The unsold tickets are being released to the public. As of the cause, the blog-post goes as followed:

Given that Tuesday’s pre-sale system failure mirrored that of the Ten Club ticketing failure earlier this year — on entirely different systems, and unrelated to server capacity — all involved now strongly believe that there has been an act of sabotage from an outside source that has prevented fans from executing their ticket purchases. CrowdSurge and TenClub will conduct further investigation into this matter.

15 Dec 2011, 9.00 am GMT

Without the 10c-presale I had to use normal channels to get my hands on a pair of tickets. My first chance was last Thursday morning when the first public pre-sale was conducted at and I tried but was again unlucky… no tickets yet…

16 Dec 2011, 9.00 am GMT

Public sales… 5 minutes in I had my pair of seating-tickets… not the best places in the venue, but after such a week I’ll take what I can get.

Later that day, a second Manchester show (June 21) was announced via!. No announcement from 10C or Pearl Jam but directly on Ticketmaster.

The same day, PJ-Manager Kelly Curtis himself (much obliged, Mr. Curtis) logged into the Forum to answer some of the questions of the fans. Please visit for a nice abstract.

17 Dec 2011

A second Amsterdam-Show is announced on

After careful consideration we decided to buy another pair of tickets for the 2nd Manchester show. We have to travel > 1’000 km, so we let’s make it worth it.


I’m totally stoked to have the chance to see Pearl Jam on two consecutive nights, but the whole situation this week leaves you a little bit frustrated. I hope the band gets the information what happened the last couple of days. Maybe they will surprise us with something special 🙂

On the other hand, I can’t understand all the fuss going on in the forum. I’v been a 10C member for the last 8 years and not just because I can buy tickets earlier but to show my support and dedication. Which other band fights for fair ticket-prices or provides bootlegs of all their shows or allows you to record you own or organised a two-day-festival or or or…

After the first disappointment I’m now happy to see PJ after four years of abstinence 🙂 See you in Manchester!!

Pearl Jam’s European Tour 2012

“A little birdie tweeted us to say “we should have our Ten Club memberships & addresses up to date by the 5th of December.” Then he flew away tweeting something that we thought sounded like, “Cheerio, Auf Wiedersehen, Farvel…”  Source: Pearl Jam Forum

Hey 10C, you got 20 minutes left for your big announcement (mid-european-time 🙂 ) … but a 2012 European Tour would just blow my mind!

Cheers + see you soon over here

Update 08.12.2011

Finally, the dates have been released:

Date City Venue

Ten Club Pre-Sale

Public On-Sale
6/20/12 Manchester,United Kingdom MEN Arena

Dec 13, 2011


Dec 16, 2011
6/23/12 Isle Of Wight,United Kingdom Isle Of Wight Festival


On Sale Now
6/26/12 Amsterdam,Netherlands Ziggo Dome

Dec 13, 2011


Dec 17, 2011LivenationTicketmaster
6/29/12 Werchter,Belgium Rockwerchter Festival


On Sale Now
6/30/12 Arras,France Main Square Festival


Dec 13, 2011
7/4/12 Berlin,Germany O2 Arena

Dec 13, 2011


Dec 15, 2011
7/7/12 Stockholm,Sweden Ericsson Globe Arena

Dec 13, 2011


Dec 15, 2011
7/9/12 Oslo,Norway Spektrum

Dec 13, 2011


Dec 15, 2011
7/10/12 Copenhagen,Denmark Forum

Dec 13, 2011


Dec 15, 2011

all that’s sacred #85

ATS #85 is out! Thanks Donny.

“Well, it’s that time of year again… Election day is Tuesday and I thought I’d try a little experiment with U.S. political history to inform and inspire. I’ll let you listen and decide whether it ultimately works or not. For me the exercise showed that for as much as things have progressed and changed in this country, too many things continue to stay the same. That might be enough temptation for some to let their apathy overcome them and sit this election out. I have a hard time resigning myself to the notion that my vote doesn’t matter. I’ll be educating myself and making my voice heard and I encourage you to do the same.

Thanks for listening and hope you enjoy ATS #85.

Cheers! Donny”


  • Undone – ‘I Am Mine’ b-side (2002)
  • Grievance – 4/13/03 Tampa, FL
  • Whipping – 11/30/93 Las Vegas, NV
  • Help Help – 4/15/03 Raleigh, NC
  • World Wide Suicide – 2/27/06 Seattle, WA
  • Rival – 10/25/00 San Diego, CA
  • Glorified G – 12/8/93 Seattle, WA
  • WMA – 4/3/94 Atlanta, GA
  • Brain of J – 11/2/95 Salt Lake City, UT
  • Gimme Some Truth – 7/17/03 Mexico City, Mexico

all that’s sacred #84

Donny over at just released #84 of this popular Pearl Jam Podcast. Sit back, relax and enjoy another hour of rambling and PJ-Sound 🙂

“Ed is appearing at Neil Young’s annual Bridge School Benefit this weekend at Shoreline Amphitheater in Mountain View, CA. If you’re not lucky enough to be there in person, you can apparently stream online here. You can also support the cause and relive highlights from years past with a new 25th Anniversary DVD and CD release available 10/24. Here on ATS #84, we’re revisiting some of PJ’s many BSB appearances dating back to 1992.

Despite taking place in a giant outdoor amphitheater, PJ’s sets at Bridge always feel pretty organic and intimate. I think part of that is due to Neil’s insistence that all the music be performed stripped-down and acoustic. This leads to some pretty cool renditions, experimentations, and collaborations.

Ultimately what makes Bridge so special are the kids that the event is recognizing and benefiting. They are present and active participants throughout the weekend and share the stage with all the bands. Neil and his wife Pegi should be commended and proud of the work they’ve done to create such a cool a event for such a worthy cause. You can learn more about the Bridge School and how to support on their website.

Cheers! Donny

  • Footsteps – 10/30/99 Mountain View, CA
  • Angel – 11/1/92 Mountain View, CA
  • Immortality – 10/2/94 Mountain View, CA
  • Better Man – 10/23/10 Mountain View, CA
  • Of The Girl – 10/20/01 Mountain View, CA
  • Gone – 10/22/06 Mountain View, CA
  • Piece Of Crap – 10/2/94 Mountain View, CA
  • Won’t Get Fooled Again – The Who – 10/30/99 Mountain View, CA
  • Yellow Ledbetter – 10/19/96 Mountain View, CA

all that’s sacred #83

Donny over at just released #83 of his Unofficial Podcast for the Pearl Jam Fan 🙂 Enjoy!

“Even though it’s downtime between tour legs, the guys appear to be keeping pretty busy. I imagine they want to stay on top of their game in anticipation of November and the upcoming South American tour. 2005 set the bar pretty high. I wasn’t at any of those shows nor am I able to attend any of these upcoming gigs. Regardless, I am a huge fan of the energy on those bootlegs and recognize that this next leg is sure to be another event and spectacle. I’m thinking they maybe saved the best for last in closing out this year that has been PJ20.

Enjoy #83 as we catch up and prepare.

Olé! Donny”



  • Olé Improv – 11/23/05 Santiago, Chile
  • U – 10/11/00 Maryland Heights, MO
  • Deep and Dark – Jack Irons – Blue Manatee (2011)
  • (Interstellar Overdrive) Corduroy – 11/30/05 Curitiba, Brazil
  • Do The Evolution – 11/25/05 Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • The Once Over Twice – X – Wild Gift (1981)
  • Better Man (Wild Thing) – 4/18/03 Nashville, TN
  • Daughter (It’s Ok) – 12/9/05 Mexico City, Mexico
  • Olé – (2011)

all that’s sacred #82

Hey.. look at that.. our friend Donny over at just released #82 of his inofficial podcast for the Pearl Jam Fan 🙂

Thanks Donny & have fun.

“Having fully digested the PJ20 book, movie, and soundtrack, I’m feeling pretty nostalgic as I look forward to Vancouver tonight. No more reason needed to fire up the microphone and bring you ATS #82. Hope you enjoy it and hope you are enjoying this 20 year celebration as much as I am.

Cheers! Donny”


  • Acoustic #1 – PJ20 soundtrack demo (1991)
  • Crown Of Thorns – Shawn Smith unreleased (2000)
  • Believe You Me – Bad Radio (1988)
  • Hunger Strike – Temple Of The Dog (1991)
  • Alone – Ten demo (1991)
  • Small Town – 9/25/09 Vancouver, BC
  • Peace and Love – Neil Young – Mirrorball (1995)
  • Let Me In – REM – Monster (1994)
  • I’ve Got a Feeling – 3/2/92 Den Haag, Netherlands

all that’s sacred #81

All That Sacred #81

Right in time for the big pj20 in Alpine, Donny releases ATS#81:

All That Sacred #81This podcast is probably best enjoyed in the same manner it was recorded – with a drink in hand. This for a couple of reasons… Mainly, it’s the PJ20 weekend which is cause for celebration! Just the reports trickling in from the usual suspects leave little doubt that this event will be one to remember.

However, not everyone can be there and that is cause for commiseration. I, like many of you, could not make the pilgrimage to Alpine Valley. The last few days have been a vicious cycle of checking various sites for details, expressing regret that I didn’t sell plasma and cut coupons to find a way to be there, and then scheming ways for a last minute trip that would financially ruin me. Oh yeah, and all the while imbibing copious amounts of alcohol. Ultimately, I figured it would be a lot more productive and even therapeutic to dust off the mic and reconnect with a new episode.

ATS #81 is a musical time line of all my initial favorite songs from each respective album. Picking an absolute favorite Pearl Jam song is an impossible task. If you are like me, it changes depending on your mood and what is going on is your life at the moment. These tunes are the ones that had an immediate resonance for me with each record release. Some were eventually trumped by another song that grew on me but many remain my PJ catalog stalwarts. I also try to find my podcast sea legs in providing some commentary and tired rambling.

So join me in raising a glass and toasting in celebration of the last 20 years and commiserating amongst friends!

Cheers! Donny

  • Breath – early demo version (1990-1991)
  • Even Flow – re-recorded version – Alive Japanese EP (1992)
  • Animal – MTV VMAs – 9/2/93 Universal City, CA
  • Whipping – 4/3/94 Atlanta, GA
  • In My Tree – No Code (1996)
  • Faithfull – Yield (1998)
  • Grievance – 8/27/00 Saratoga Springs, NY
  • Half Full – Chop Suey video – 9/6/02 Seattle, WA
  • Life Wasted – Letterman – 5/4/06 New York, NY
  • Got Some – 8/28/09 San Francisco, CA
  • Down – 7/18/06 San Francisco, CA

PJ20 – Crown of Thorns

“Crown of Thorns” has just been released at as a little treat :).


[box] Pearl Jam Twenty, the definitive portrait of the band as told by Academy Award®-winning filmmaker and music journalist, Cameron Crowe, opens in select theaters on September 20th. That same day, the Cameron Crowe curated soundtrack for the film — including 2 CDs of rare and unreleased tracks from across Pearl Jam’s 20 year history — is also available. Enjoy this live performance of “Crown Of Thorns” here as featured on the forthcoming soundtrack.[/box]

Click here to pre-order the Soundtrack and the PJ20-Book.

Pearl Jam Twenty Trailer

Pearl Jam Twenty from Pearl Jam on Vimeo.

Pearl Jam Twenty chronicles the years leading up to the band’s formation, the chaos that ensued soon-after their rise to megastardom, their step back from center stage, and the creation of a trusted circle that would surround them—giving way to a work culture that would sustain them. Told in big themes and bold colors with blistering sound, the film is carved from over 1,200 hours of rarely-seen and never-before seen footage spanning the band’s career. Pearl Jam Twenty is the definitive portrait of Pearl Jam: part concert film, part intimate insider-hang, part testimonial to the power of music and uncompromising artists.

About the Filmmaker

CAMERON CROWE, Director, Writer, Producer
At Age 13 Cameron Crowe began his professional life as a music critic, writing for magazines such as Creem and Crawdaddy, and at 15, became a staff writer for Rolling Stone. In 1979, Crowe (then 22) went undercover as a Southern California high schooler for his book, Fast Times at Ridgemont High. He then wrote the screenplay for the film upon which it was based. In 1989, Crowe made his feature film directorial debut with Say Anything…. His other films include Jerry Maguire, Vanilla Sky, Elizabethtown and Almost Famous, which earned him an Oscar® for Best Original Screenplay. His newest narrative film, We Bought A Zoo, starring Matt Damon, will be released in December 2011.


Pearl Jam:
Jeff Ament, Matt Cameron, Stone Gossard, Mike McCready and Eddie Vedder

Written and Directed by:
Cameron Crowe

Produced by:
Cameron Crowe, Kelly Curtis, Andy Fischer and Morgan Neville

Executive Producer:
Michele Anthony

First Listen: Eddie Vedder “Ukulele Songs”

Eddie Vedder by Danny Clinch
Can’t await the release of Eddie Vedder’s new album ‘Ukulele Songs’? Now here’s the salvation 🙂 Go to NPR Musicto listen to the whole album.


  1. Can’t Keep
  2. Sleeping by Myself
  3. Without You
  4. More Than You Know
  5. Goodbye
  6. Broken Heart
  7. Satellite
  8. Longing to Belong
  9. Hey Fahkah
  10. You’re True
  11. Light Today
  12. Sleepless Nights (featuring Glen Hansard)
  13. Once in Awhile
  14. Waving Palms
  15. Tonight You Belong to Me (featuring Cat Power)
  16. Dream a Little Dream