TEDxZurich 2011 – Videos and Reviews

TEDxZurich – An intellectual vacation day

Although all the talks at the TEDxZurich 2011 were very good and interesting, some of them were just great and astonishing / breathtaking / funny. Here’s a quick selection of some of those.

Molly Corckett – Can pills change our morals?

Molly Crockett‘s talk was one of the best of the day. She and here team isolated a certain chemical which can change your morals. Just watch the talk and see for yourself. If you’re interested in the moral dilemma (utilitarianism vs. deontology) have a look at the lecture Justice with Michael Sandel from Harvard University. You can even download these lectures as podcast with iTunes.

Satyabrata Dam – Journey to the ends of the world

Satyabrata was unbelievably funny and unbelievably impressive. He himself titled his talk “35 years of vertical nonsense in 18 minutes“. With lots of beautiful pictures and stories about the most hostile places on earth, this talk will stick with me for a long time. And then there was his sense of humor.. I think we had more fun being on stage, then anyone else that day. But see for yourself.

Jojo Mayer – Exploring the distance between zero and one

One of when not the best drummer in the world talks about the emergence of rhythm culture and its relationship to today’s technology & communication. And he plays the drums 🙂

Eleanor Dobson – Daily Life in Extreme Science

Eleanor gives us a nice insight into CERN’s research, especially the ATLAS-experiment and how it is to work as a scientist at CERN. She explains what happens, when particles collide at almost the speed of light.

Marco Tempest – The magic of truth and lies

The swiss-born illusionist performed his famous iPod-Routine. Follow Marco at Google+ or visit his website at www.marcotempest.com for more videos or news about his future projects.

Roman Gaus – Urban Farming

Spoiler: Wädenswil is the Harvard of agriculture 🙂


Bernard Seefeld – History and future of Mapping

The product manager for Google Maps talks about the history of map creating, the beginning of Google Maps and their plans for the future.


Tobias Preis – Bubble Trouble

A physicist explaining the recent bubbles at the stock market… An interdisciplinary approach to a very complex problem.



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