Sarah Blackwood – Wait It Out Vol. 1

Finally the vinyl of Sarah Blackwood’s record “Wait It Out – Vol. 1” has arrived, # 241 out of 500 copies. The cover is amazing.. you can actually feel the different layers of paint. You can see how Sarah created these here.



Wait It Out

The title track of Sarah’s newest album & a great tune.


Released in November 2011 Drowning marks a rather melancholic and dark song on the record. Sad & beautiful at the same time.

Go Ahead

I like the guitar on this one. Helps to lift the mood a little despite the rather sad lyrics.

Adore You

Folky, Gypsy… like it 🙂


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  1. Is there anywhere I can find a Sarah blackwood, wait it out vinyl for sale?? Would you be interested in selling?

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