Pearl Jam’s Eurotour 2012 Update

What a week… let’s try figure out, what happened….

03 Dec 2011

A post on the PJ-Forum started the first rumors about an upcoming European Tour 2012.

08 Dec 2011

Pearl Jam announces the much anticipated Euro-Tour and confirmed the following dates / cities:

  • June 20, Manchester
  • June 23, Isle of Wight
  • June 26, Amsterdam
  • June 29, Werchter
  • June 30, Arras
  • July 4, Berlin
  • July 7, Stockholm
  • July 9, Oslo
  • July 10, Copenhagen

As usual, their will be a pre-sale for 10C members, this time provided by 10C pre-sale starts 13 Dec 2011, 5.00 pm GMT. We decided to try an get tickets to the show in Manchester.

13 Dec 2011, 5.00 pm GMT opened the 10C-pre-sales and were overrun (or so it seemed at the time) by the fans. For about 2.5 hours it went like this:

  1. Login at & select the Manchester Show
  2. Wait in some kind of a queue
  3. Select tickets & put it in your cart
  4. Checkout
  5. “You cart is empty, please place some items in it an try again”
  6. Return to Point 3 while screaming at you computer…

After 2.5 hours, they stopped the pre-sales due to technical issues beyond their control. They will try to put the site back online asap.

14 Dec 2011 announces on their homepage that they terminate the 10C presale since neither PJ nor CrowdSurge can conduct a successful presale within the time limits before the public on sales begin (16 Dec 2011). The unsold tickets are being released to the public. As of the cause, the blog-post goes as followed:

Given that Tuesday’s pre-sale system failure mirrored that of the Ten Club ticketing failure earlier this year — on entirely different systems, and unrelated to server capacity — all involved now strongly believe that there has been an act of sabotage from an outside source that has prevented fans from executing their ticket purchases. CrowdSurge and TenClub will conduct further investigation into this matter.

15 Dec 2011, 9.00 am GMT

Without the 10c-presale I had to use normal channels to get my hands on a pair of tickets. My first chance was last Thursday morning when the first public pre-sale was conducted at and I tried but was again unlucky… no tickets yet…

16 Dec 2011, 9.00 am GMT

Public sales… 5 minutes in I had my pair of seating-tickets… not the best places in the venue, but after such a week I’ll take what I can get.

Later that day, a second Manchester show (June 21) was announced via!. No announcement from 10C or Pearl Jam but directly on Ticketmaster.

The same day, PJ-Manager Kelly Curtis himself (much obliged, Mr. Curtis) logged into the Forum to answer some of the questions of the fans. Please visit for a nice abstract.

17 Dec 2011

A second Amsterdam-Show is announced on

After careful consideration we decided to buy another pair of tickets for the 2nd Manchester show. We have to travel > 1’000 km, so we let’s make it worth it.


I’m totally stoked to have the chance to see Pearl Jam on two consecutive nights, but the whole situation this week leaves you a little bit frustrated. I hope the band gets the information what happened the last couple of days. Maybe they will surprise us with something special 🙂

On the other hand, I can’t understand all the fuss going on in the forum. I’v been a 10C member for the last 8 years and not just because I can buy tickets earlier but to show my support and dedication. Which other band fights for fair ticket-prices or provides bootlegs of all their shows or allows you to record you own or organised a two-day-festival or or or…

After the first disappointment I’m now happy to see PJ after four years of abstinence 🙂 See you in Manchester!!

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