NIN live @ OpenAir St. Gallen 2009

Trent Reznor

NIN live @ OpenAir St. Gallen 2009 – Listen Here

It’s been a while, but here’s a recording of a swiss radio-broadcast from three NIN-tracks played at the OpenAir in St.Gallen in 2009.


1. Home

2. Terrible Lie

3. Survivalism

“Nine Inch Nails. They spread an almost frightening atmosphere at the St. Galler Sittertobel with their dark industrial metal. It was pouring rain during their concert and the majority of the yound audience seemed almost a little scared temporarily due to the brute and hard sound and the radical presence that Trenz Reznor and his band Nine Inch Nails brought on stage. But technically an absolut astonishing performance. Unfortunately we can only send three songs, but nevertheless, here they are, these three songs. Nine Inch Nails at ‘Rock Special’ on DRS3. Somewhat Damaged!”


“I’m astonished how Trent Reznor displays this radical livetime achievment.. since almost 20 years. Nine Inch Nails, the highlight for fans of ‘harder stuff’ at this OpenAir St. Gallen and DRS3 is a little bit proud, that we can broadcast a part of that gig. Nine Inch Nails is know to be everything but an easy band, concerning live-recording of their shows. The current tour of NIN is their last for a long time.”


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