How to take group pictures – Tips and Tricks


Watch your ISO. With a high ISO you might end up with lot’s of noise. If you can, put the ISO to auto but limit it to max 1600 (depends on the camera you have. Some can even handle higher ISOs without too much noise).


Shoot like a machine gun. Fortunately, my EOS 7D can make 8 pictures per second, because someone will always have their closed eyes 🙂


Reconnoitre the location you are at or where the shoot should take place. If possible, take someone with you to test the the light / shades / distance, etc.


Especially if you’re shooting indoors, take something fast with you. I’d like the 50mm 1.4 or the 40mm 2.8. These lenses give you a nice light-sensitivity. But be careful about the narrow depth of field when going lower than f/2.0. For outside shots I prefere the 70-200mm f/4. Being able to take a step back, the group does not have you / the lense right in front of them when you can gain some distance.


Take your time, sort out good and only provide the really good ones. Play with the image clipping. Sometimes you’ll be surprised  how much you can gain with the right clipping.

Smile 🙂

If you smile, they will smile. Also talk to them and tell them what to do. Usually, you don’t get much time for you shoot.. Nevertheless, take the time and have a quick look at the last batch of pictures you’ve taken. Nothing worst then realising afterwards, that you missed something (Spinach between the teeth, an open fly or mysteriously changed settings of your cam)

Here are some of my latest shooting for the company I’m currently working for (no, not as a photographer).

Jobup AG, Pic 1, 2012

Jobup AG, Pic 2, 2012

Jobup AG, Pic 3, 2012

Jobup AG, Pic 4, 2012

Jobup AG, Pic 5, 2012

Jobup AG, Pic 6, 2012

Jobup AG, Pic 7, 2012

Jobup AG, Pic 8, 2012

Jobup AG, Pic 9, 2012

Jobup AG, Pic 10, 2012

What is your experience? What are your tipps and tricks?

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  1. When taking someone with you to test the light / shades / distance, etc. don’t forget to take lots of silly pictures of that person 😉

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