DIY Lense Filter or How I got my Ingress Invite Code

On my hunt through the internet for an Ingress invitation I stumbled upon the Ingress Google Plus Community where you can submit Ingress-related artwork and, with a little bit of luck, get an invite.

I decided to embed it within some other pictures I made with some DIY Lens filters. Just cut out some shapes (hearts, stars, etc) and put it in front of you lens. The bokeh then has the form of your cut.

I then submitted it to the community and voilà, the next morning, I got my invite 🙂 I’ve been hooked by the game right from the tutorial… I met lots of nice people while playing… from both factions, went to the Google HQ in Zurich for a user meeting and extended my way to work through Zurich quite a bit, just to visit some more portals 🙂

If you wanna know more about the game, here are some links:

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