all that’s sacred #81

Right in time for the big pj20 in Alpine, Donny releases ATS#81:

All That Sacred #81This podcast is probably best enjoyed in the same manner it was recorded – with a drink in hand. This for a couple of reasons… Mainly, it’s the PJ20 weekend which is cause for celebration! Just the reports trickling in from the usual suspects leave little doubt that this event will be one to remember.

However, not everyone can be there and that is cause for commiseration. I, like many of you, could not make the pilgrimage to Alpine Valley. The last few days have been a vicious cycle of checking various sites for details, expressing regret that I didn’t sell plasma and cut coupons to find a way to be there, and then scheming ways for a last minute trip that would financially ruin me. Oh yeah, and all the while imbibing copious amounts of alcohol. Ultimately, I figured it would be a lot more productive and even therapeutic to dust off the mic and reconnect with a new episode.

ATS #81 is a musical time line of all my initial favorite songs from each respective album. Picking an absolute favorite Pearl Jam song is an impossible task. If you are like me, it changes depending on your mood and what is going on is your life at the moment. These tunes are the ones that had an immediate resonance for me with each record release. Some were eventually trumped by another song that grew on me but many remain my PJ catalog stalwarts. I also try to find my podcast sea legs in providing some commentary and tired rambling.

So join me in raising a glass and toasting in celebration of the last 20 years and commiserating amongst friends!

Cheers! Donny

  • Breath – early demo version (1990-1991)
  • Even Flow – re-recorded version – Alive Japanese EP (1992)
  • Animal – MTV VMAs – 9/2/93 Universal City, CA
  • Whipping – 4/3/94 Atlanta, GA
  • In My Tree – No Code (1996)
  • Faithfull – Yield (1998)
  • Grievance – 8/27/00 Saratoga Springs, NY
  • Half Full – Chop Suey video – 9/6/02 Seattle, WA
  • Life Wasted – Letterman – 5/4/06 New York, NY
  • Got Some – 8/28/09 San Francisco, CA
  • Down – 7/18/06 San Francisco, CA

PJ20 – Crown of Thorns

“Crown of Thorns” has just been released at as a little treat :).


[box] Pearl Jam Twenty, the definitive portrait of the band as told by Academy Award®-winning filmmaker and music journalist, Cameron Crowe, opens in select theaters on September 20th. That same day, the Cameron Crowe curated soundtrack for the film — including 2 CDs of rare and unreleased tracks from across Pearl Jam’s 20 year history — is also available. Enjoy this live performance of “Crown Of Thorns” here as featured on the forthcoming soundtrack.[/box]

Click here to pre-order the Soundtrack and the PJ20-Book.

Pearl Jam Twenty Trailer

Pearl Jam Twenty from Pearl Jam on Vimeo.

Pearl Jam Twenty chronicles the years leading up to the band’s formation, the chaos that ensued soon-after their rise to megastardom, their step back from center stage, and the creation of a trusted circle that would surround them—giving way to a work culture that would sustain them. Told in big themes and bold colors with blistering sound, the film is carved from over 1,200 hours of rarely-seen and never-before seen footage spanning the band’s career. Pearl Jam Twenty is the definitive portrait of Pearl Jam: part concert film, part intimate insider-hang, part testimonial to the power of music and uncompromising artists.

About the Filmmaker

CAMERON CROWE, Director, Writer, Producer
At Age 13 Cameron Crowe began his professional life as a music critic, writing for magazines such as Creem and Crawdaddy, and at 15, became a staff writer for Rolling Stone. In 1979, Crowe (then 22) went undercover as a Southern California high schooler for his book, Fast Times at Ridgemont High. He then wrote the screenplay for the film upon which it was based. In 1989, Crowe made his feature film directorial debut with Say Anything…. His other films include Jerry Maguire, Vanilla Sky, Elizabethtown and Almost Famous, which earned him an Oscar® for Best Original Screenplay. His newest narrative film, We Bought A Zoo, starring Matt Damon, will be released in December 2011.


Pearl Jam:
Jeff Ament, Matt Cameron, Stone Gossard, Mike McCready and Eddie Vedder

Written and Directed by:
Cameron Crowe

Produced by:
Cameron Crowe, Kelly Curtis, Andy Fischer and Morgan Neville

Executive Producer:
Michele Anthony